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Five Tips for Getting Through a Divorce


1.  Attend Therapy. Divorce is an emotional time and it is not easy to make important decisions about one’s family and assets while embroiled in emotional pain. Often, clients seek emotional support from their divorce attorney, who bill them at a rate much higher than a therapist would cost. See a therapist to deal with the emotional issues and allow your divorce attorney to counsel you through the important financial and family decisions which will affect the rest of your life.


2.  Prioritize. Decide what issues are most important to you and compromise on the rest. Every issue that you cannot agree on with your spouse comes at a cost to resolve.


3.  Be Honest. Be honest with your lawyer. If you cannot trust them with the true details of your home and financial life, find a new attorney. Often, the facts you are most concerned with revealing do not end up making or breaking your case. And if it is something that needs to be dealt with, better to face it right away.


4.  Keep it short. The longer your divorce continues without resolution the more expensive it will be. Likewise, writing long rambling letters and emails to your attorney regarding every issue you are dealing with and everything you can think of that is wrong with your spouse or significant other is not an efficient way to resolve your case.


5.  Be Ready to Change Your Lifestyle. A lot of clients expect to maintain their standard of living even though they are dividing their household into two. Begin to reimagine and reinvent your life considering the realities of your situation. For assistance, see tip #1.